Well , 2020 has undeniably been the year for social media. With everything being shut, the press closing down and the shoots being postponed, these apps were most definitely  our only source of entertainment, news and well basically, life !

While we hoarded groceries and toilet papers, these apps turned into money making machines !

You could start a small business , merely with handmade desserts, you post about it on facebook and boom, another day you have 5 orders to deliver !


However, it will be wrong to say the world of online or social marketing was introduced to us in the pandemic era, but it most definitely has shot up since ! But , of course there’s more to it than we know of, especially when we talk about social media at large.

So let’s make it simpler. One app at a time .

And one such app that we are going to talk about today has been the  GenZ favourite, well, before the  Millenials hopped onto it ! Remember when updating out status on this is all that we cared about ? We are talking about Facebook !


A pool for marketeers and fellow audiences. A RATHER  GOLDMINE  OPPORTUNITY ! How do the brands and the audience go about it ? Let’s see !


To begin with, when someone indulges in the practice of promoting their  brand  or the firm or maintaining its presence on Facebook, the practice is termed as Facebook Marketing ! In simpler words, an advertisement on Facebook. Now, this advertisement can be in the form of a clip that is a video ad, images that promote the brand or the firm goal or simply target a product, a collection of posts that do so , or  a lead generation, that assist users, especially those timelessly scrolling on their phones to in generating leads,  say a link that lands them on your page !


Now, when we are talking about Facebook Marketing, it refers to both organic postings and conversations and paid or boosted posts that are exclusively supported by the app !

While one knows all of this, it is very important to strategize your marketing plan for with billions of facebook users online and almost one in every five trying to boost their activity, this might get a little tricky ! But, don’t worry, we have you covered !

Here are the most basic yet the most beneficial strategies if you are a beginner ! Let’s explore !


The very first, needless to mention is to create an Interesting Facebook Business Page –


When we say interesting,  we are talking pictures, videos, write ups, campaigns or even random statuses , an eye catching username and all that , that defines your brand, makes it stand out  ! This is indeed your first step for online domination !


The second step, something of utmost importance in today’s age and times !

Yes, we are talking about customer centricity ! Leverage the magnificent feature of Facebook Messenger Bot that takes care of customer responses for you, so you don’t have to open your inbox every hour ! Bizarre right ? We know !!

Next is something people very often forget. Organic Posting !

Yes, Believe us ! Your business can still blow up without spending big bucks ! No, we are not kidding ! It is a plain myth that organic posting  on Facebook is bad,  when in fact, the truth is, it has just become rare and  if done correctly, it is still a very  worthy endeavor.

Not posting too much nor too little, say one post a day. Making it interesting i.e try to make it different from what you keep seeing online, something bizarre ! Get your creative juices flowing and lastly, notice your algorithm reach and post at the right time ! Keep these in mind, and we bet you will have your way around organic posts!


Yes, it is very important to know what your audience is engaging with, or if you are a 19 year old reading this, planning to start your own little thing, It is very important to know “If your audience is vibing with your content  BruH”

Coming back, once you analyze the insights and what matches with their taste , you can surely deliver better while also upping your engagement ! Facebook offers you to check both the page and the audience insights, explore your way through, understand and voila !

This step not only helps you to understand what they want but also enlightens you about your TARGET AUDIENCE ! Which , unquestionably, is the most important thing to know !

Insights feature on facebook also helps you to invite users who you see engage with your posts but do not follow you . This way, you can manually invite them. Communicate and potentially  turn them into leads with a well-designed strategy.


All this might sound like too much, but once you wrap your head around it, you can save a lot by not splurging on ads right away, particularly if you are on a budget ! It’s like being underwater, the more time you spend doing so, the more comfortable you get. And with these four steps in mind, you are likely to build a solid foundation or atleast steer your mind clear of all the “Is Facebook Marketing going to work for me ?”

And trust us, it is indeed a GOLD MINE !

For we are talking Global Coverage for about 1.5 billion users who use the app on a daily basis ! And highly targeted ads. Which means if you own a shoe business . Every person who logs into their facebook account with shoe searches in their search engine is likely to see your advertisements  ! It’s true .

That’s not all. Facebook marketing also allows integration with other marketing channels unlike most apps online .

It is not a single isolated system, one can combine it with as many  marketing channels, say email marketing, mobile marketing, search engines  Messenger ads, this allows you to develop promos that will most definitely increase your brand outreach.

Apart from all this , we are talking benefits like freedom to promote your label in your own way, carry out the strategies the way you like it, basically have hundred percent control and knowledge about everything you put out !